Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Yourself!

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Mother’s Day is dedicated to celebrating all the amazing mums in our life but how often do you to take the opportunity to acknowledge your own hard work and achievements as a mum? So this Mother’s Day, why not treat yourself to a gift. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Self- Compassion

A gift to suit everyone’s budget! As mum’s it is easy to get caught up with chasing perfection and succumbing to mum guilt. But the fact you care about both is probably a sign you are a great mum! So this mother’s day, forgive yourself for any past mistakes you keep ruminating over and set realistic expectations for yourself. I also want to challenge you to sit down and write a list of your top five proud mum moments. Refer to this list whenever you find yourself doubting yourself.

Self Care Products

Filling your own cup and making time for self-care is crucial to be the best mum you can be so why not use this opportunity to treat yourself to some nice self-care products (I’m sure this magazine will have plenty of options!) and actually block out time for yourself to use them!

Mum’s Day or Night Out

Go out on a child-free date with some fellow mums in your life, whether it be for a spa day, bottom less brunch, a hike, whatever takes your fancy. Make it an opportunity to celebrate and relax with people who have been through it with you.

Self-Development Tools/Course

Being a mum is such an all-consuming role that is it easy to lose your sense of self and to feel like you are in a rut so why not invest in your own development? Uncover who you are and what you are capable of outside of your current state. The Thrive Program is a great, evidence based, cost effective option.

Hopefully this has given you the push to go treat yourself. And if you do have a niggling bit of mum guilt preventing you from treating yourself, remember taking opportunities to rejuvenate and recharge benefits not only yourself but also your family.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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