Reflect, Grow, Cherish with Anaita Sarkar


Anaita Sarkar is a stellar example of boss lady inspiration. Anaita is a mum of three who started not only one, but two, successful ecommerce businesses, Hero Packaging and Olivia&Co. To top that all off, she recently released her first book "How to Sell Anything Online".

I recently had the opportunity to learn more about her journey and definitely felt more motivated afterwards, hope you do too!



Looking back at your past, what is one of the most significant events or lessons that you think has shaped who and where you are today?

One of the most significant events was when I was yelled at in my corporate job. We were working 10-12 hours a day trying to finish a job for a client, and I was yelled at by my manager who didn't think I was working fast enough to get the job done. I resigned the following week and while I was so upset at the time, it completely changed the course of my career and I'm so grateful it happened. It made me realise what I didn't want to do in my life, and I think that's as important as knowing what you do want to do. 

Do you set goals for yourself? If so, how do go about achieving them?

I don't set hard goals. That's because I'm not set on a vision of the future - I'm open to opportunities and I never know what's around the corner. I do try and see the big picture of where I want to be: where I want my businesses to go, how I want my family to be etc, but I definitely don't set specific goals. I achieve things because I get working things straight away. I don't wait for the right time or the right situation. If I think I need to do something or attain something, I'll get working on it right then and there. I think achieving things is a habit and, in the same way, not achieving things is a habit. You have to consciously choose what you do every day to get where you want to go. 

What is something outside of your comfort zone that you have done recently? How do you feel about it?

Saying yes to podcasts and masterclasses and making videos for TikTok everyday. I'm still a shy Indian girl at heart, so speaking at length to people is something I work really hard to master. In saying that, I love that I have pushed myself to do it. Saying yes to these things has given me opportunities I didn't think were possible. 

Finally, what is something you have coming up that you are excited for?

I'm excited for so many things! We have new products launching, I am planning on writing another book, and I have podcasts booked in. Every week, I also jump on calls with business owners and I love learning about their industry and products and educating myself on the right marketing for them, so I find that exciting too! 

Where can people can go to follow and learn more about you?

TikTok @sellanythingonline
IG: @sellanythingonline or @hero.packaging

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