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Danni Rodgers is the mum behind the podcast Mummy Republic and you can also find her blogging about her life on her personal Instagram page- her content is relatable, funny and raw. She has been a personal source of inspiration to me as I stepped in my role as a mum so I was really excited when I got the opportunity to interview her!


 Looking back at your past, what is one of the most significant events or lessons that you think has shaped who and where you are today?

Gosh I think there are so many things that have shaped who and where I am today, life is funny like that! But most recently would be my journey with our son. He has a medical condition called Pierre Robin Sequence; we had a high risk pregnancy from 19 weeks and a tough first year but we're finally starting to come out of the fog now that he's 15 months old. My priorities changed significantly during this time, I learnt a lot about myself and I'm grateful that it lead me to where I am now. 

Do you set goals for yourself? If so, how do go about achieving them?

This is definitely a fluid area for me, I set loose goals but I'm not a micromanager when it comes to achieving them. Depending on what it is I'll often write a to do list of things I need to achieve to get there but for bigger picture things I tend to just let life take the lead, try and head in the right direction and just make choices that align with my goals - it makes the journey more enjoyable! 

What is something outside of your comfort zone that you have done recently? How do you feel about it?

I left my 13 year career in finance in December to be at home with my family but to also work on my creative projects, which includes my podcast. Along with that I am starting to take on more presenting and MC work, which although I have done a lot of public speaking in the past, I suppose this is somewhat out of my comfort zone as it's now representing my own brand as opposed to previous employers. Taking the leap into being self employed and leaving the stability and comfort of a corporate career is definitely scary but incredibly empowering. As they say, nothing good ever comes from comfort zones and I'm absolutely loving it!

Finally, what is something you have coming up that you are excited for?

My podcast is returning in July and I'm incredibly excited about it. I took some time off with my son Archer and now it's something I'm finally able to get back into and sink my teeth into. I have a lot of creative energy so it's nice to be able to direct it into an outlet that can not only give me joy but also benefit others. 

Where can people can go to follow and learn more about you?

Mostly over on instagram @danniirodgers or you can listen to Mummy Republic Podcast on iTunes/Spotify/wherever you get your podcasts!  🙂 xx

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