Reflect, Grow, Cherish with Ela Mazur

I recently sat down with Ela Mazur to chat to her about her growth journey. She currently runs a successful social media business but it wasn't smooth path to victory. Instead of letting setbacks get her down, she used them as learning opportunities to become who she is today.

Looking back at your past, what is one of the most significant events or lessons that you think has shaped who and where you are today?

There have been a few moments by starting my first business Ela Jackson was an expensive lesson! We got scammed and lost a lot of money but I took away a lot of lessons. The other was moving to Adelaide. I got a job doing social media management but that ended abruptly as I lost it being unjustly blamed for something I didn't do but it made me start my own business. From those experiences, I have a better understanding of what qualities to look for when doing business with someone, improved communication skills, I ask more questions rather than getting carried away by the excitement of the opportunity and also to be intuitive.

Do you set goals for yourself? If so, how do go about achieving them?

Yes definitely. I set goals at the beginning of the year and then also each month I set business, personal and financial goals. I look at what I want, who I will need to reach out to get help from and what I need to do to achieve them.

Was this a natural skill for you or did you develop this over time?

I needed to improve this when I started my own business because you need a lot of discipline. It started with things like creating to-do lists but now I have monthly practices where I will take time reflect on each month. Its easy to be like, oh that was a busy month and move on but now I take the time to actually think about what I actually did and you realise how much you can achieve. From that reflection I then set goals for the coming month.

What is something outside of your comfort zone that you have done recently? How do you feel about it?

Doing a talk in front a lot of people. Public speaking has really scared me and it was actually one of my goals last year to face this fear but because of Covid that got delayed. However, I still practiced last year by running online webinars but was still missing that in person live factor which I got the opportunity to do recently. I was invited to do a talk by a marketing agency which made me really nervous because I thought to myself what I could I teach to these people about marketing that they don't already know but they really loved it and I got some great feedback. I felt a real high afterwards.

Finally, what is something you have coming up that you are excited for?

Launching my new webinar tonight* so really excited for the new phase of my business. Also, I currently run the course Instagram for Business but as the next level to that I am going to start offering group coaching opportunities

(*I interviewed mid June)

Where can people can go to follow and learn more about you?

Instagram! @elamazurcreative

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