Reflect, Grow, Cherish with Me!

Welcome to our new series, "Reflect, Grow, Cherish with..". Each post will feature someone exciting who we at Fuller Moments believes can provides us some interesting insights and inspire. To kick off the series we are! Also known as Danushi Fuller, the founder of Fuller Moments.

1. Looking back at your past, what is one of the most significant events or lessons that you think has shaped who and where you are today?

I think there a few different moments but I think my first trip to Europe is definitely one of them. It was my first time travelling outside of a family holiday and the majority of the trip was part of a Topdeck Tour where I would only know the friend I was going with. It shaped me for a few reasons. One, which is probably the most obvious, is that it fueled my wanderlust- I gained such a sense of awe and fell in love with discovering new places, learning about the culture and history in the actual places it was happening, trying new foods and meeting new people. The other lesson was that you can get such great rewards from stepping outside of your comfort zone. In this particular trip the rewards included increased confidence, unique experiences that are now treasured memories and friendships that I still hold today, almost ten years later.

2. Do you set goals for yourself? If so, how do go about achieving them?

I do, since my teens I have always been someone who needed to know where they I going- whether that be the degree I wanted to do, what kinds of jobs I wanted to do and what life experiences I wanted to have. To achieve my goals I form an understanding of I want exactly and what I need to do to get there and when. It's not a rigid step by step guide but always enough to give me a sense of direction and help me sense check certain life decisions.

3. What is something outside of your comfort zone that you have done recently? How do you feel about it?

My most recent example is 100% is becoming a parent. Having a baby is so different to anything I have done in my life beforehand. Each stage, leap and milestone is like a new challenge but when you figure it out and get into a flow state (or get a smile or giggle) you feel like you have conquered a mountain! It definitely was a lesson in the importance of your community as well, the journey of parenthood is made a lot more manageable if you ask and accept for help and support.

4. Finally, what is something you have coming up that you are excited for?

I am excited for this blog series! I hope hearing the stories and insights from others inspires you to reflect, to invest in your growth journey and to cherish the moments in life.


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